Finding the right location

Cape Town, as in any major city, offers very different choices for the property buyer. Its range of housing and areas is reflected in disparity in income levels and purchase prices range from tens of thousands through to tens of millions.

Location is the prime factor in determining safety, investment potential and access to amenities. It essential that the home buyer be fully versed in the areas of Cape Town that may potentially suit their needs.

All too often estate agents are bound by their designated area and will have a natural bias towards towards this. As independent property consultants SAHomeBuyers can access all Cape Town property for sale with no particular leaning to any specific property or area.

Our process commences with a thorough fact finding of what you want to buy, understanding your needs in terms of access to amenities, budget, family and work considerations and schooling. Our role is to ensure you have all the facts at hand and are familiar with all potential areas that may be suitable. Who knows we may even introduce to a few new ones that you are unfamiliar with.

Its attention to detail, especially the details not often volunteered, that make the difference between a successful house purchase and one tainted with disappointment. Using a buyers consultant means having someone on your side, an expert who is unashamedly biased in finding you the exact match to your needs at the best possible price.

We use our professional knowledge, skills and contacts towards the location and presentation of Cape Town Properties, that are available to purchase, that meet the Clients criteria and requirements:

  • We provide full disclosure of all research (positive and negative) on the property.
  • We negotiate for the best price and terms on behalf of our client, the buyer
  • We provide and assist, if and when required, recommendations for the most competitive sources of finance and lending criteria.
  • We offer objective, independent, expert advice throughout the entire purchasing process.
  • Our inside knowledge of the Cape Town property market and expert negotiation skills helps ensure an astute investment.
  • We eliminate a lot of the emotional pressure.
  • We guarantee complete discretion and confidentiality.
  • Our strong industry networks, including those with area specialist selling agents, enables us to access property listings not always available to the general public.

For you free and no obligation consultation, contact our Cape Town property Director and discover what a difference using a buyers consultant can mean for you.

SA Buyers – the intelligent way to buy property and the least expensive ‘ insurance policy’ you ever took out.

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